Our Services

Next Step Exercise and Performance Centre is more than just a gym. It has been carefully designed to help get people back to full fitness and high performance from any beginning, wether it be from injury, poor heath or moderate fitness to extreme fitness if so desired. We can get you from any fitness level to any level of fitness.

Please have a look at the services that we offer from our highly qualified staff to see what we have to suit your needs.

  • Injured? Please check out our world class physio's.
  • Want to get fit? Why not look at the deals we have for personal training with James?
  • Poor posture? Join Fayme in her postural class.
  • Knees or back ache too much to get fit? Then have a look at our anti gravity treadmill.
  • Long term back weakness? Why not join our pilates class?
  • recovering from a knee operation, achilles tendonitis or foot pain? Get an exercise plan for our anti-gravity treadmill today or see one of our physio's!
  • already fit but looking for more? Then come and talk to Keith and the team about sports performance.
  • Got a niggling injury and want to see whats under the skin? Then look no further we have access to state of the art Digital Xray, MRI and ultrasound scans.